Silent Mass. The name itself evokes a sense of the ethereal, the otherworldly, a mass of sound that exists beyond our mortal realm – a sonic journey that takes you to the depths of melancholy, the height of introspection, and the outskirts of your own consciousness.

Their sound, a blend of 90s alternative, post-punk, and shoegaze, is raw, intense, and at times, so overwhelming that you feel like you’re drowning in it. It transports you to places you’ve never been before, to feel things you’ve never felt, to see things you’ve never seen. Their haunting vocals, lush guitar lines, and primal percussive rhythms create a soundscape that’s both familiar and new.
Silent Mass, in the twisted realm of creative endeavors, was originally known as AMMO. Emerging as a solitary pursuit in 2019 by Ammo in the sun-drenched city of Los Angeles. Her first single, a cover of “Total Recall” was released in 2020 on Dune Altar as part of a charity compilation entitled “Do You Feel That Way Too? A Tribute to Adrian Borland & The Sound.”

As her demos began to take shape, Alex Posell, drummer of their previous band Black Flamingo, joined the project. They quickly fashioned two singles and built the foundation for a full-length album while isolating together until Posell’s abrupt move to New York City in May 2020.

With Posell in New York City, Ammo put the finishing touches on two singles, “Rose + Crown” and “A Cold War City,” with the help of the audio engineer and guitarist, Robert Duncan.

As 2021 arrived, Ammo and Duncan set their sights on following Posell to New York City to continue the project. Through a mutual friend, they met bassist Kevin LoBiondo and the quartet set out on a series of live performances with a new chapter of unfolding creativity.

Silent Mass By Vincent Barreras