“Ammo recalls so many different artists (Kate Bush, Jane Siberry, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive), while not sounding particularly like any of them very much. This is melancholic loaded reverie, capable of entrancing you into Lynchian territory” ~ The Spill Magazine

“an amazing piece loaded with her shoegaze and the dream-pop crafts all over it. A very emotional approach” ~ White Light / White Heat

“Some artists have that magic that makes you want to return to their music again and again. Ammo is definitely among them with an addictive blend of Chromatics-style whispers and Phantogram melodicism, fueling both to the max” ~ Amplify Music Magazine

“Dark dreamery in sonic form with tantalizing and euphoric escapism. Ethereal and lush, the rhythm, full-hall sound and haunting creates a stunning atmosphere” ~ The Record Stache

“Melancholic escapist dreamery… ‘Total Recall’ is a must-hear. Listen, watch, soak in the goodness and chill / dream out” ~  Big Takeover Magazine